About the Company

Kathleen Akerley Artistic Director
John Burkland Resident Lighting Designer
Tom Carman Artistic Associate
Acacia Danielson Development Associate
Ashley DeMain Artistic Associate
Michael Glenn Artistic Associate
Solomon HaileSelassie Resident Stage Manager
Heather Haney Director of Media Relations
Jason Lott Artistic Associate
Elizabeth Jenkins McFadden Resident Set Designer
Neil McFadden Resident Sound Designer
Séamus Miller Managing Director
Daniel Vito Siefring Artistic Associate

The Board
Kathleen Akerley, Edwin L. Fountain, Abby Wood










Founded in 1998, Longacre Lea is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) theater company specializing in absurdism, magical realism, and whatever other isms explore the role of the unseen and unexplained in the human condition.

In 2006, Artistic Director Kathleen Akerley was one of the recipients of the Theater Lobby “Mary Goldwater” Award for her direction of the company’s shows.

1998: Macbeth
1999: Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead
2000: The Hothouse
2001: Dogg’s Hamlet/Cahoot’s Macbeth
(City Paper #6 Best Productions of the Year)
2002: Bald Soprano, After Magritte, The Dumb Waiter
2003: The Power of the Dog
2004: Man With Bags
2005: Energumen, The Real Inspector Hound
2006: Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead
(Helen Hayes nomination for Outstanding Ensemble)
2007: The Hothouse
2008: Theories of the Sun
2009: The Oogatz Man,
Artist Descending A Staircase
2010: Cat's Cradle
2011: Something Past in Front of the Light
2012: Goldfish Thinking
2014: Pol Pot & Associates, LLP
2015: How We Died of Disease-Related Illness,
Bones in Whispers
2016: FEAR a comedy? about performing Shakespeare


Significantly vital support for the company
has come from:

Helen Akerley
Ian Armstrong and Adrienne Nelson
Carol Arthur and Jon Danforth
Sara Cormeny and Pete Miller
Jeffrey P. Cunard
Sarah Farmer and Michael Glenn
Dorothy and John Foellmer
Edwin L. Fountain
Elena Furman
Linda and Norman Hardee
Holly Hassett
Robert and Wendy Kenney
Alan King
Kevin J. McIntyre
Pamela Meek
Mary John Miller
Declan Murphy
Carl and Undine Nash
Marc Okrand
Louise Oliver
Victor Shargai
Gerald and Suzanne Siefring
Allison Stockman
Mary Stone
Carolyn Thompson
Judy and Steven Waldhauser
John Z. Walker
Kathy and Gary Wood
Chris and David Zepf


















































Photographs by
Elliot Homburg, C Stanley Photography & Clinton B Photography


Contact: longacre_lea@hotmail.com



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